Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lost Photos, No More Facebook, Fashion Blogs, & "Art"

Well, I just solved my dilemma, but for awhile I had lost all my photos that were saved in iPhoto, but the iPhoto library had been saved to my external hard drive.  I didn't understand why my photos weren't showing up?  Was the myth true? That if you don't safely eject your hard drive everything will be erased? I was in a near panic! But thankfully, the myth is still a myth. I just called Apple Support, apparently it was an easy fix (hold down Option while clicking on iPhoto, and choose library).  The apple support techies are such smarty pants.

Why is Facebook so addicting? I don't know why, but I am giving up Facebook for as long as possible; I'll start off with one week and go from there. But I wonder how long that'll last, I hope my resolve will endure.

I feel like I should type more stuff in in this post since I never write on my blog...Like, maybe, (sorry for the horrible grammar Mr. Benitez) how I'm super behind in Eng 200 and I should probably be annotating sources, writing my review of the literature, and starting on my rough draft, but instead I'm posting theses images and telling you (whoever you are) about my inconsequential little life...yeah.  enjoy

i know that water bottle sucks, ok?!

My roommate and I were photographed for a Richmond Fashion Blog at First Fridays.  I don't know if they'll actually put us up, but it was pretty cool at the time.  My roommate was ecstatic. A real confidence booster.

I went to Crossroads with my Aunt, her sister, my cousin, and his girlfriend.  I had a great time with them.  It's nice to hang out with family.

so...have a nice weekend